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How do I load a custom configuration to N2KView Mobile?

N2KView Mobile app for a tablet or a phone requires a Wifi to LAN connection in order to obtain data from the NMEA2000 (N2K) network. A Maretron IPG100 device must be installed on the NMEA2000 network in order for N2KView Mobile to connect and show data. N2KView mobile users can take advantage of the license free connection to view the N2K data, control N2K breakers, receive N2K alerts, and observe video from LAN networked cameras. N2KView Mobile can load custom configurations authored and saved to the IPG100 from N2KView running on a PC/Mac (free download). The procedure to load a special N2KView configuration from IPG100 to N2KView Mobile will require several steps to ensure a successful configuration will load. Here are these steps illustrated in Figure(s) 1-10 in order from start to finish. 




Select one of three connection options. See Figure 3




Next select "Configurations" to choose the N2KView Mobile settings (configuration file) to use on your mobile device shown in figures 7-10.







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