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What configuration options are available for the DCM100?

Use the N2KAnalyzer software program or a Maretron DSM150, or Maretron DSM250 to perform Maretron Device level configuration. This article will show methods for configuring the DCM100 Using Maretron's N2KAnalyzer software tool. 


  • PC with N2KAnalyzer software installed.
  • Maretron Gateway USB100 or IPG100
  • Maretron DCM100(Direct Current Monitor)


Connect the DCM100 to your Maretron N2K Network, connect the Maretron Gateway to the same N2K network and start the N2KAnalyzer Software Program. 


You will be prompted to use the detected gateway(auto connect method), at this time press Yes as shown in Figure 1. If you were not able to auto connect or you wish to manually connect, then continue reading, otherwise skip down below Figure 1a.

Figure 1a "Manual Connect" method: In some cases you may wish to manually connect by way of choosing from multiple gateways and the one that should be used. Within N2KAnalyzer Go to Setup-->Configure Gateway, at this time select a gateway port, press OK. Next, click on File--> "Connect to NMEA2000 Network" as shown in Figure 1a. Moments later you should see a device list of rows and columns.

 Next, select the Device you would like to configure(left Click row) DCM100 shown in Figure 2. Right-Click that same device row, left click to select "Configure Device" Figure 3, to show the configuration dialog Figure 4 . 


Observe Figure 4, Step 1: we have configured the  device Label, the type of DC measurement also configuring the current offset(if needed). Observe the Realtime measurement for Battery Current to confirm the sensor is pointing towards the correct direction of current flow(minus value indicates a current draw from the battery). Step 2: Finally, press "Put Config to Device" once all your edits have been completed. Proceed to Battery tab Figure 4a if the device configuration is a battery application. For chargers, solar chargers, DC chargers, inverters, or DC bus applications skip Figure 4a


Figure 4a is specific to the battery configuration. Step 1, edit the entries that best match your DC Battery configuration. Step 2. Charge the DC battery to Max State of Charge. Once the battery is at peak charge press "Manually Set Battery to Max button. Step 3, press "Put Config to Device" once all your edits have been completed.



Figure 5, Step 1: At any time during configuration you can validate a Maretron device configuration by way of using the Virtual DSM250. Simply click on the DSM250 icon located within the shortcut palette under the menu items of N2KAnalyzer.


Visit the following link: How do I display DC Current on the Maretron's DSM250 display? to know more about displaying DC parameters.


See here in Figure 6 how a configured DSM250 set to Favorite Screen; Format: 4 Quarters looks. The Favorite screen Figure 6 shows how a Battery's information can be displayed. In most cases for custom solutions the virtual DSM250 can offer the flexibility to show individual parameters allowing the user to save the display configuration for that particular vessel's system. Notice in Figure 6 how the N2KAnalyzed PGNs feature can be used to coorelate if a particular device's  parameters are transmitting resulting in showing correctly on the DSM250. 




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