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My WSO100 seems to work initially, but after working for a time the WSO100 starts transmitting high wind speeds and high temperature readings.

Maretron has had customer reports of the WSO100 transmitting false high wind speed and a false high outside temperature measurement. Several factors can be attributed to this condition. First look for installations with non-certified NMEA2000 cabling and or bridged networks with no NBE100 installed or cable bridged systems. To properly diagnose the cause of the high wind readings a user can use the following method:

1.  Interference from WiFi boosters (or any other RF transmitter – like radars, VHF, cell phone, etc.) on the vessel or nearby vessels might interfere with WSO100. Turn off all RF transmitters on the vessel one-by-one to see if one or more are causing the problem. If so, move the antenna or WSO100 farther apart.

2. The NMEA 2000 communication signals operate in the 250KHz range which is very close to the WSO100 ultrasonic operating frequency and if the shield is open (or worse shorted to a communication line), then the WSO100 will pick up the interference and show high wind speeds.

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