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I would like to see NMEA2000 Engine and Transmission warnings on my N2K network, what J1939 diagnostic codes will the J2K100 convert?

The J2K100 will convert J1939 Diagnostic SPN/PGNs to NMEA2000 Engine and Transmission Warning messages. Consult the engine manufacturer to determine if an engine will transmit these messages over the NMEA2000 bus.

The following table (figure 1) provides a parameter description for each J1939 engine warning message and what the J2K100 will convert to NMEA2000.

User's must upgrade or verify that the J2K100 is running firmware version or to take advantage of the diagnostic message conversion feature.

Figure 1


Figure 2 is a sample of an N2KView custom engine warning page designed by Marinplus in Sweden. In the attachment section of this article is an Engine warning page ready for import into N2KView. Simply download the file, go to Commands & Settings-->Screen Setup-->Import Screen, Select the  "Engine_Warning_page.nvs" file. Next, edit the "Engine Warnings page, Click Browse in the "Select Background" menu choose the "Engine-Warnings.png" , click save to complete the import of your new screen.













Figure 2

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