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Does Maretron offer a Quick Setup guide for the SIM100 using N2KAnalyzer?

Maretron's Switch Indicator Module monitors dry contacts. Once you have selected the dry contact device, connect the two leads from the device to one of six SIM100 channels.

Each channel has two terminals; for example, Channel #0 uses terminals 1 and 2(illustrated below), while Channel#6, uses terminals 11 and 12.

You can set up this device by using one of Maretron's configuration tools such as DSM150 and DSM250 displays or N2KAnalyzer software (N2KAnalyzer requires a IPG100 or USB100 gateway). This article will discuss using the N2KAnalyzer for hardware configuration.

After you have installed the switch closure devices and connected them to the SIM100,  you will want to begin configuring the SIM100 output messaging for Maretron system displays. Details on the display of SIM100 messages can be found within Maretron DSM250 User's Manual section "Indicators". For N2KView applications, please review the following link:


Due to the complexity of systems with multiple devices that will transmit switch status 127501. Maretron recommends that a label is stored to the device channel for ease of displaying the intended value.

For systems that will have 2 or more Maretron SIM100, RIM100, DCR100. take advantage of the instancing analysis tool to identify instancing conflicts.

First select the SIM100 in the N2KAnalyzer, followed by selecting menu item Configuration-->Device Configuration.
(next steps refer to Figure 1)

1. Set the device label, this label will show on the DSM250 or N2KView when choosing a switch bank instance. As seen in Figure#1 this SIM100 is assigned to monitor the vessels smoke detectors.

2. Set the Instance number that will not conflict with another switch device.

3.  Set the mode for channels 1-6 and assign each channel a label as well. The label will be visible during favorite screen setup on your Maretron displays.

4. "Put Config to Device" finalizes your setup and you are ready to move on.


Here is a sample of an N2KView component pointed to a SIM100  on the NMEA2000 network monitoring Bilge High Water condition:




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