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What is a pressure snubber PT-SNUB-01; when should a pressure snubber be considered?

A pressure snubber is a device that was designed to help reduce drastic changes in pressure of gas or fluid prior to reaching the installed pressure sensor and damaging it. The snubber dampens the rate in which positive or negative pressure changes arrive at the sensor helping to reduce damage-causing pressure pulsations. Sensors listed in the table below have a 2.5x burst pressure rating. For example a 0-3PSI sensor with a 2.5x rated burst pressure, 7.5 PSI will damage the sensor permanently. Using a pressure snubber offers the following benefits:

  • Cost effective solution to protect expansive sensors, and gauges used in a pressurized application.
  • Improves gauge readability smoothing out pressure spikes, surges, and pulsations.
  • Prevents debris  collecting in the sensor diaphragm opening.

** Maintenance of the pressure snubber is recommended after long term use.  Cleaning of the snubber requires back flushing with commercial grade solvents.


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