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I see N2KView offers a component for "Indicator Status"; what products can I use to show Indicator Status?

An Indicator Status component uses the NMEA 2000 message called "Binary Switch Bank Status" to show three condition states:

  • On
  • Off
  • Error

A RIM100, SIM100, and DCR100 all transmit the necessary message for the N2KView component to work.

You can create several different types of indicators to help the user visually determine the status of a system at a glance.

 There are several component types available for Indicator Status, as shown below in Figure A.

Figure A

Another feature of the indicator status component allows for the title to change dependent on indicator status, "On" or "Off".  When you enter the title for the indicator component, begin the title with the text you wish to show when indicator is off, followed by a "|" character, and finally the text to show when indicator turns on.

The following image, Figure B, shows the proper way to create a transitional title text for the indicator status component.

Figure B

The final result should look like the following animation:

Figure C

For additional information refer to the "Indicator Colors" section of the N2KView User's Manual.


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