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How do I change my N2KView operating mode?

You can configure alerts to operate in one of several operating modes:

  • Disabled – All alerts are disabled. This mode should be used when the vessel is in storage, drydock, or otherwise out of operation
  • Moored - This mode is used when the vessel is secured to a structure that is permanently attached to the ground like a pier, wharf, dock, or mooring buoy
  • Underway - This mode is used when the vessel is not moored nor anchored
  • Anchored - This mode is used when the vessel is secured to the sea floor with an anchor
  • User 1 - This is a user defined mode
  • User 2 - This is a user defined mode

This allows you to easily enable or disable groups of individual alarms depending on the vessel's operating mode.

In order to change the N2KView Alert operating mode, do the following:

  • Click on "Commands & Settings"
  • Select "Alert Setup"
  • At the top of the Alert setup dialog, six alert operating modes are available
  • Select the mode you want the alerts to operate in.
  • Click save

Please view the video below.

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