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What information is available from the temperature monitor (TMP100) and can be viewed on Maretron’s displays?

 The TMP100 is capable of transmitting the following information:

  • Sea Temperature
  • Outside Temperature
  • Inside Temperature
  • Engine Room Temperature
  • Main Cabin Temperature
  • Live Well Temperature
  • Bait Well Temperature
  • Refrigeration Temperature
  • Heating System Temperature
  • Dew Point Temperature
  • Wind Chill Temperature, Apparent
  • Wind Chill Temperature, Theoretical
  • Heat Index Temperature
  • Freezer Temperature
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • 16 Different User Defined Temperatures (e.g., Shaft Temperature)

Please follow these instructions for determining data transmitted by the TMP100 device:

  1. Write down all PGNs transmitted by a device including PGNs that are turned off by default (you can use N2KAnalyzer to see what the device transmits, as shown in Figure 1 below).

  2. Look up PGN numbers using the NMEA 2000 database.
  3. Go through each field in the PGN document and write down the fields that are pertinent to the user. For example, we wouldn't want to tell the user that a SID or data instance is transmitted.
  4. Don't include deprecated PGN data unless it is the only data the device will transmit.
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