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How do I show comprehensive bilge information on Maretron’s DSM150 or DSM250 displays?

Knowledge base Article 578 showed how to do comprehensive bilge monitoring using Maretron's Run Indicator Module (RIM100) and a Switch Indicator Module (SIM100). This article shows how the monitored information from article 578 can be displayed on Maretron's DSM150 and DSM250 displays.

The left hand side of Figure 1 shows the wiring diagram with the energized part of the circuit highlighted in yellow. The right hand side of Figure 1 shows the DSM150/DSM250 display. Notice that the circuit breaker/fuse feeding the bilge pump switches is opened, which means the bilge pump won't run even if the float switch or manual switch is closed. Since this is potentially a dangerous situation, we have programmed the display to show a red color when the bilge pump won't turn on. We will use red for urgent matters and yellow for less urgent warning conditions.

 Breaker off, switches off, "Bilge Power" indicator red, "Bilge Pump" indicator white, "High Water" indicator white

                                           Figure 1

Figure 2 shows a normal condition where the switches feeding the bilge pump are energized with the pump ready to go if the manual or float switches closes.

Breaker on, switches off, "Bilge Power" indicator green, "Bilge Pump" indicator white, "High Water" indicator white

                                           Figure 2

Figure 3 shows another normal condition where the float switch closes due to rising water and the bilge pump is energized. For the bilge pump indicator on the display, we have selected the yellow color to warn us that the pump is energized.

Breaker on, float switch closed, "Bilge Power" indicator green, "Bilge Pump" indicator yellow, "High Water" indicator white

                                          Figure 3

Figure 4 shows a case where the water has risen all the way to the high water switch. Maybe the bilge pump strainer is plugged or the pump simply can't keep up, but for whatever reason, water has risen to a dangerous level. For this situation, the display has been programmed to show red since the condition demands our immediate attention.

Breaker on, float switch closed, "Bilge Power" indicator green, "Bilge Pump" indicator yellow, "High Water" indicator red

                                          Figure 4

Finally, Figure 5 shows the same high water condition, but the user has moved onto another favorite screen where the bilge pump indicators are no longer visible. Fortunately, an alert has been programmed into the display that continuously monitors the SIM100 and associated high water bilge switch and we are notified regardless of the favorite screen displayed. As you can imagine, the display alert function is an extremely powerful feature that can be thought of as an extremely diligent crew member that never sleeps and continuously monitors the vessel's most important parameters. If there is a Maretron SMS100 (text messenger) onboard, you can even receive a text message on your phone indicating the high bilge water or any other monitored parameter.

Breaker on, float switch closed, alarm "High Water"

                                           Figure 5

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