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How do I show simple bilge information on Mareton’s DSM150 or DSM250 displays?

Knowldege base article 578 showed how to do simple bilge monitoring using Maretron's Run Indicator Module (RIM100). This article shows how the monitored information from article 578 can be displayed on Maretron's DSM150 and DSM250 displays.

The left hand side of Figure 1 shows the wiring diagram with the energized part of the circuit highlighted in yellow. The right hand side of Figure 1 shows the DSM150/DSM250 display, which is set up for four different bilge pumps on the boat. For the purposes of this article, we are only concerned with the top indicator called "Port Bilge Pump". 

                                                                       Figure 1

In Figure 2, the water in the bilge has risen and engaged the float switch such that the bilge pump and the RIM100 are energized. The RIM100 senses the voltage and sends out a corresponding message that is picked up by the DSM150/DSM250 display. For this particular screen, we decided that the "Off" voltage would be represented with a white background and the "On" voltage would be represented with a yellow background. If the bilge pump turns on, it doesn't demand our immediate action (we might want to reserve the color red for things that demand our immediate attention), but it certainly is nice to know that the pump is running and we would like it brought to our attention as a warning that there is water in the bilge.

                                                                        Figure 2

Figure 3 is a situation where the manual override switch has been turned on, and, once again, the bilge pump and RIM100 are energized with the DSM150/DSM250 indicating the pump running. 

                                                                        Figure 3

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