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What changes have taken place with the VDR100?

What changes have taken place with the VDR100? (06/20/22) 
  • Corrected issue with IP address renewal when no USB is detected (VDR100SW-1) (07/10/18) 
  • Correct repeated PGN list issue (4464) 
  • Support Heartbeat PGN (126993) 
  • Comply with NMEA2000 version 2.100 certification 
  • Changed algorithm for recovering disk space (undoing part of release back to deleting files with oldest timestamp embedded in filename. This is because the pointer into the timestamp file was getting lost and not deleting any files and so not storing new data. The new algorithm operates on 10 PGN directories at a time to limit impact of storing data. Buffers were filling up and data was being lost. (4492) (04/01/18)

  • Correctly supports firmware update via CAN port (4459)
  • Corrected a problem where 1000 second timestamps were not being appended to the end of the timestamp file (4460)
  • Corrects a problem where, on a system with many power interruptions, the timestamp file can become corrupted.
    This can result in the inability to extract parameters with N2KExtractor. Additionally, on VDR100's with a full USB flash drive, the data deleted to make room for new data may not be the oldest data on the USB flash drive (4368, 4369) (10/01/15)

  • Added support for recording CLM100 Parameters. (10/01/13)

  • Added ability to update VDR via USB drive.(2827)
  • Corrected issue where VDR100 halts recording when USB drive malfunctions(2828)
  • Corrected issue where the VDR100 would reboot several times after power up (2829)
  • Corrected issue where VDR100 indicated recording status but was not recording data after multiple power cycles.(2831)
  • Added ability to transmit 130833(VDR status) to 10 seconds.(2830)
  • Corrected issue where the VDR100 would crash if an "Incompatible USB" drive was detected.(2832)
  • Added ability to indicate "Incompatible Drive" detected instead of "No flash Drive" to eliminate user confusion.(2833)
  • Corrected a problem where a crash would occur when N2KExtracor was retrieving data for a time period in which the first instance of System Time PGN had "Data not Available" values (2835)
  • Optimized internal memory to improve processes. (09/01/13)

  • Corrected PGN description for PGN 130311(2769)
  • Corrected stability issues where USB flash drive could be corrupted(2702) (01/02/13)

  • Allows data to be extracted via LAN via Ethernet port on the VDR100.
  • Corrected a problem where the most recent data was not always visible from the N2KExtractor when the USB storage drive was connected to PC.
  • Corrected stability issues where the VDR100 had sometimes stopped recording, usually following a power cycle.

1.0.1 (12/01/12)

  • Initial Release
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