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What does Maretron suggest for creating an ideal N2KView background image?

N2KView software running on any of the many interfaces Maretron offers or a PC version has a feature to import image files into the interface. The purpose for importing these images can mean the world of difference for the intended user. We advise a quick study of the intended use for your N2KView interface will mean the difference of add a background or not to add a background to specific screens.

You can sum up the entire vessel status in a single screen providing the user an at a glance situational awareness. How does one even start?
Most of us have a common image editing tool I use, its free, easy to learn, and quick to use.
You can get the program online -- go to

For best results, please follow these steps:

  1. Ideally, having the vessel floor plan helps start the process.
  2. Color match the image to N2KView; i.e., use a black background, white lines, etc.
  3. Import the image into N2KView: choose Commands & Settings->Screen Setup, and then browse for the background image.
  4. Determine the layout of the N2KView components you wish to display.
  5. Create a screen legend of component choices if you are simply using indicators.
  6. Save your configuration.
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