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What temperature probes are compatible with Maretron’s Temperature Monitor (TMP100)?

Maretron's Temperature Monitor (TMP100) has six channels for connecting up to six temperature probes. Two channels accommodate K-Type thermocouples and the remaining four channels accommodate thermistor type temperature probes. Maretron offers both thermocouple and thermistor probes as accessory items for the TMP100.

The K-Type thermocouple offered by Maretron is used for measuring exhaust gas temperature.

Any K-Type thermocouple will work together with Maretron's TMP100. Search the Internet for “K-Type Thermocouple” and you can pick from hundreds of different probes.

Maretron also offers three different thermistor probes:

You can also build your own thermistor probes by using a thermistor that is compatible with the TMP100. Please see the documents within the “Attachment” section at the end of this article for compatible thermistor information (generally referred to as resistance/temp curve type “J” - 3000 ohms at 25°C). Please note that the TMP100 accuracy figure (±2°) used with thermistors is only valid between -20°C to 80°C or -4°F to 176°F.

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