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What are the dimensions of the DCM100 current transducers?

The DCM100 is packaged with a Hall Effect sensor (P/N: LEMHTA200-S) which is rated to measure currents up to 200 Amperes.

If your application requires measurements exceeding 200 Amperes,  Maretron offers additional sensors:

  • 400 Amperes measurement. Use part number LEMHTA400-S when ordering
  • 600 Amperes measurement. Use part number LEMHTA600-S when ordering

All three current sensors for the DCM100 (LEMHTA200-S, LEMHTA400-S, and LEMHTA600-S) have a round opening 32mm or 1.26” in diameter.

Please refer to "hta 100 1000-s e.pdf" located in the attachment section of this article for in depth details regarding the LEM HTA sensor.

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