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I see an option for FFM100 configuration called K-factor; what does this mean?

The FFM100 has an option to set a K-factor for each sensor channel. For the FFM100, the K-factor represents the number of electrical pulses generated by the sensor per liter of fluid passing through it. In order for the FFM100 to be able to calculate a wide range of fluid rates, the FFM100 needs to use a sensor that is specified for the entire expected range of fuel flow values. When you select a fluid flow sensor, you will need to program the appropriateĀ  K-factor into the FFM100 for an accurate measurement of that sensor. The K-factor for each sensor is determined by factory calibration and is printed or engraved on the sensor label, as seen below:

You can configure the K-factor of the FFM100 using the MaretronĀ  N2KAnalyzer software program or the DSM150 or DSM250 display. Please refer to the appropriate software or display user's manual for details.

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