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Does Maretron offer a quick setup guide for the DCM100?

Configuring the DCM100 using the DSM150 or DSM250 display.

Perform a current sensor zero offset with the current sensor attached to the DCM100.

Step two: Scroll to DC Type and input the DC battery configuration:

Configuring the DCM100 using the N2KAnalyzer software tool:

Within the N2KAnalyzer select the DCM100 from the list of devices, then click on the "Configure" menu, and then select the "Configure Device" item. The DCM100 configuration window will appear with the "General" tab displayed.

Make sure the DCM100 current accessory is attached with no current flow in the line the unit is monitoring.

Click on the the "Current Sensor Zero Offset Calibration" button.

Click on the "Battery" tab and complete the battery profile items with values which describe your battery.

Click on the "Advanced" tab and make sure that the "Current Sensor Type" setting matches the current sensor you are using.

Complete the configuration by selecting the "Put config to Device" button.

Please note that you won't see valid time remaining or state of charge values on your displays until a full charge/discharge cycle has been completed on the battery.

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