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Helpful information regarding Smoke/Heat Detector - SH-449CSTE

Installation notes:
Smoke detectors are shipped with a plastic dust cover for use in areas where construction is on-going. Smoke detectors will not work
with the dust cover in place. Remove the dust cover when installation is completed, prior to testing.

Maintenance, Cleaning and Sensitivity Testing:
This series of self-diagnostic smoke detectors is designed for easy field service and maintenance. Figure 1 shows disassembly of the sensors protective cover. Once removed, inspect the cover for any dust build up and use air duster to clean, avoid using solvents or liquids.

If a detector drifts beyond its approved sensitivity range for more than 24 hours, or fails internal diagnostic tests, the unit automatically indicates trouble by flashing its LED every second.  This meets NFPA 72 field sensitivity testing requirements. once per second until the detector is reset by the panel. If sensitivity test indicates an unacceptable level, take action recommended above. If action does not result in acceptable sensitivity, replace unit.


Annual Testing:
All smoke detectors shall be tested at least annually in accordance with NFPA 72. The preferred method for functional testing is with Smoke! in
a Can®, available from ESL. Follow the instructions on the can carefully to ensure proper testing. Other brands of canned smoke are not
recommended due to potential for contamination. Other acceptable testing methods are; a smoldering punk stick or a cotton wick.

See attachments section below for a short video on cleaning of the Smoke/Heat Detector - SH-449CSTE

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