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What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DCR100?

What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DCR100 Relay Module?

You can update your device using the N2KAnalyzer software tool.


DCR100 Firmware Versions (2013-07-19)

  • Removed support for the deprecated 127502 Switch Bank Control parameter group (2458)
  • Added support for hardware timers and counters for each channel (2543)
  • Fix conflict between XALM and XPD command (2547)
  • Updated the supported NMEA 2000 database version to 2.000 (2612)
  • Corrected SN erasing when upgrading from older firmware issue (2651) (2011-10-25)

  • Adds ability to lock switches from N2KView or DSM250, preventing them from being turned on or off until unlocked.
  • Adds ability to power up with switches set to a particular state: on, off, or the last state the switch was in before power was lost. This power up state is overridden by the lock setting described above.


1.0.1 (2011-04-22)

  • Initial public release



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