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Can the J2K100 connect to a Cummins engine?

The J2K100 can be connected to a Cummins Vessel Integration Panel via the J1939 diagnostic port located on the panel itself. Please review the image posted below. Additional non-Maretron parts will be needed to complete the connections to the panel (please refer to the image file attached below this article).


Cummins Q-Series Engines

The J2K100 can be connected to most Cummins Engine Models QSB, QSC, QSK, QSL, and QSM via the factory provided J1939 connection. The J1939 connector can be located on the engine harness in proximity to the ECU. The two wire connector is labeled J1939.

The Cummins engine J1939 connector may be occupied by a terminating resistor or use by another device. If the connection is in use disconnecting the cable may void warranties and/or cause disruption with your engines operation. Consult a Cummins authorized service center for purchase of a proper mating connector.  All Cummins Technicians should refer to Cummins Marine Application Bulletin: 0.15.06-12/08/2009 for details.

The integration materials needed for the job should include the following materials to manufacture on site a mating connector.

Use the following part numbers when ordering your mating connector from the local supplier:

  • HD16-9-1939S, HD10-9BT-BK, 0462-201-164141 (16-20AWG), 0462-209-16141 (14AWG)
  • Packard: 12045773, 12048086, 12162000, 12059168, 12089678
  • Delphi: 12124790

The J1939 connector on your Q-series engine has two wires and should look like Figure 2 when un-pluged from the factory dust cap.

 Maretron accepts no responsibility for the article information or supports the on-site manufacturing of J1939 integration cabling.







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