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I receive an error message (this is a general error message with no ID) when I attempt to update my N2View Software; what should I do?

 The error message received is due to  your N2KView  certificate expiring. This is a common issue if you miss an update. First, you want to back up all your *.* .N2K or *.*.nvs file so another location on your PC. Uninstall the N2KView program from the Control Panel, and then delete the Maretron N2KView folders in your Program Files directory. Now you are ready to install the latest N2KView. Visit the following link: to download the latest version of N2KView, and save the file to your hard disk. Open the file to begin the install process, and follow the directions on the screen. If you receive an error during this installation, the Maretron N2KView folder from the previous installation still remains on your PC and must be removed.

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