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What is Maretron’s product RMA procedure?

What is RMA?
RMA (Return Material Authorization) is required to return any product to Maretron for any reason. An RMA doesn't commit to any specific final action on Maretron's part; it simply starts a process of evaluation. Purposes of evaluation include: diagnosis of product to determine what action will be recommended to owner of product i.e. repair, replace, credit, etc.


What is covered? 
For products under warranty, we warrant the RMA service free of charge. The warranty does not cover user induced damage such as accidental, abused, misused, tampered with, and subjected to abnormal working conditions, unauthorized modification and natural disasters. 
The RMA replacement is not available for products out of warranty.


How do I request an RMA?
It is recommended to contact our technical support team before raising an RMA. This can be done by phone: 866-550-9100 or by email:


What is the turnaround time?
Turn around time is 7 days from receipt of the unit. This does not include delivery time for the return.


Who pays for shipping?
The customer pays for the delivery cost to Maretron, while Maretron pays the cost to return the product to it's final destination.


What do I need to send and how? 
Once an RMA number has been given, please send the affected unit with a detailed description of the issue. If possible please include the tools that were used to determine failure(ie N2KAnalyzer, Multimeter, N2KMeter, Windows Hyper-terminal capture etc.). Please document the RMA number on the outside of the box for speedy processing.


Where do I send the unit?


9014 N 23rd Ave

Suite 10

Phoenix, AZ 85021


Who can I contact for any other questions?
For any other questions, concerns or updates that you require, you can contact the support team 866-550-9100 or email




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