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Are there chemicals or cleaning agents that should be avoided when installing or maintaining Maretron’s products?

Maretron products are constructed from durable plastics formulated for the harsh marine environment. Proper installation and care will ensure that your Maretron product will deliver years of service and reliability. This article details known issues. Disregard of this advisory will void the product's warranty.

Please review the FAQ's below with regards to installation and maintenance of your Maretron N2K® device.

Many of the electronic installations today require the use of thread lock liquid for equipment to be secured. Maretron recommends the use of Loctite® 425. When choosing a thread lock liquid, please review the bottle contents for effects of the liquid on thermoplastics.

Cleaning the Maretron device

Several Maretron products will be installed in harsh environments causing the device to accumulate oil and dirt. Cleaning your Maretron product is easy to do with hot soapy water. You may find the need to use a stronger cleaner to eliminate heavy particle buildup. We recommend using a acetone-free solution when doing so.


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