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What does Maretron recommend for the mounting of the Bilge High Water (BHW100) sensor?




The BHW100 sensor has a etched target molded into the plastic enclosure (located opposite of the side with a Maretron label). The target should be exposed to the area of detection to monitor water ingress in monitored area or compartment. If the presence of water rises and occupies the target area the unit will trigger an internal contact for SIM100 detection. For testing, the BHW100 will indicate locally on the sensor a close contact condition by illuminating in red a visibly enclosed LED.  Perform this test after installation to ensure proper signals detected by the Maretron Switch Indicator Module (SIM100).

The BHW100 should be mounted target face vertical in the are of detection with the Maretron label secured to the desired mounting location. The target face needs to be pointed outward into the bilge area or the desired area of detection. The BHW100 triggers immediately once the field is occupied for conditions of spray or the rising of water.

When a monitored  area is flooded with sea water and the BHW100 has detected the event, oils and debris may remain on the sensor after the condition is rectified leading to a high water condition still present.

Here are some helpful suggestions for BHW100 users for sensor maintenance:

1. Schedule periodic Inspections and cleaning of the sensor.

2. Inspect and clean sensor after a water intrusion event, this step is strongly recommended.  

3. BWH100 can be cleaned of oils and debris from the face of the sensor with warm water and dried with a clean cloth.

4. Test the sensor with your finger touching the sensor target. Confirm with your partner that the condition displays or alerts properly.


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