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What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron EMS100?

What firmware changes have taken place with the EMS100?

EMS100 Firmware Versions

1.4.1 (2009-08-21)

-       Corrected a problem where fuel rate had been incorrectly transmitted as zero. It is now transmitted as “Data Not Available”


1.4 (2009-08-19)

-       Added ability to configure transmission periods for periodic PGN’s

-       Added ability to configure flywheel teeth to a resolution of 0.1 to support alternator tachometer signals

-       Added support for labeling so that the device can easily be identified with a user-programmable string.

-       Added YANMAR W/THRESHOLD and YANMAR/VDO W/THRESHOLD types to oil pressure and boost pressure senders.  These types will read 0 pressure whenever the raw pressure reading is below 10% of full scale.  This is to prevent non-zero readings with the engine powered but not running and slightly inaccurate senders


1.3 (2008-03-27)

-      Added support for YANMAR/VDO Water temperature sender

-      Corrected YANMAR/VDO oil pressure sender maximum from 5 bar to 10 bar


1.1.4 (2007-11-28)

-       Corrected issue with engine hours incrementing slightly faster than appropriate

-       Adjusted sender resistance tables to be more accurate


1.1 (2007-11-15)

-       Initial public release

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