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What accessories can I order for the TLM100 and which one should I use?

The following accessories are available for the TLM100.

TA-5H-1.25BSP   1.25" BSP Displacement Hull Tank Adapter


TA-5H-1.5NPT    1.5" NPT Displacement Hull Tank Adapter

A focus tube(TFT) can help technicians control the ultrasonic signal path generated from the TLM100. In some cases using a focus tube is necessary due to manufactured components inside of a tank that may cause issues with ultrasonic signals returning to the TLM100 sensor. A TFT is applicable for tanks with an irregular shape, lengthy/shallow tanks, Multi- step tanks, integral tanks, poly tanks with foam baffles, structural baffles, and return lines. Furthermore a TFT helps restrict signal consuming fluid foaming, fluid contact, fluid condensation, debris contact or possible cohesion with sensor face.

Tank Focus Tube types that Maretron presently offers:

1. TFT-5H          SAE 5-Bolt Pattern Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube Figure 1

2. TFTDBE-5H    SAE 5-Bolt Pattern Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube ( hardware has been manufactured with a 2" riser used for eliminating sensor dead-band limitation. Note: In tank measurement range 37"(.93m).  Figure 2

3. TFT-1.25BSP     1.25" BSP Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube Figure 3

4. TFT-1.5NPT      1.5" NPT Non-Displacement Hull Focus Tube



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