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What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron GPS100?

NOTE: The GPS100 has been discontinued and is no longer offered for sale.

Older models may not update via the N2KAnalyzer and require to be sent to Maretron for an update. Submit an RMA request at to begin the process.

GPS100 Firmware Versions

- Added support for new World Magnetic Model WMM2015 to make magnetic variation calculation as accurate as possible


- Updated the magnetic variation function to use the new WMM2010 coefficients. This corrects a problem where magnetic variation is not available, which causes true heading readings to be unavailable or missing

2.0.1 (2009-03-23)

- Adds support for version 2 of the GPS hardware

-Updates GPS chipset firmware to a newer version

 1.6.14 (2009-03-04)

- Added support for the device to be labeled with a text string, making it easily identifiable in N2KView and DSM250

- Added ability to change the transmission rate of periodic messages

 1.6.13 (2008-08-07)

- Corrected occasional GPS unlocks

 1.6.10 (2008-04-22)

- Execute SiRF factory reset (clear BBSRAM and RTC) on every system reset

- Execute SiRF factory reset when SiRF bad date detected

 1.6.9 (2008-04-08)

      -    Corrected a problem when the GPS would sometimes report a date 19 years in the future

      -    Made Date/Time data available only after valid satellites are detected

 1.6.8  (2008-03-03)

      -     Corrected a  problem which would cause the GPS to stop transmitting certain messages under certain conditions.

 1.6.7 (2007-05-07)

      -   “Restore Factory Defaults” now also resets the memory inside the GPS chipset

 1.6.2 (2007-01-04)

      -    No user-visible changes

 1.6.1 (2006-06-07)

      -    Corrected a problem that occurred when an NMEA 2000 command for PGN 127258 was issued to the GPS

 1.6.0 (2006-05-26)

- Added support for OEM versions of the GPS received

 1.5.1 (2005-09-29)

- Updated the supported NMEA 2000 protocol version to 1.2

 1.5 (2005-05-12)

- Added support to enable or disable periodically transmitted messages

 1.4 (2005-03-18)

- Ensured that all position/COG data were transmitted as “Data Not Available” when there is no position fix.

- Added WMM2005 magnetic variation estimation

- Updated NMEA 2000 protocol version to 1.111

- Added PGN 127258 to the list of transmitted PGN's

 1.3 (2005-01-28)

- Initial Public Release


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