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What changes have taken place with the latest N2KServer software?

Changes in the N2KServer version

-N2KServer embedded inside N2KView PC software programs. Refer to N2KView's Technical Service bulletins for details on software improvements.

Changes in the N2KServer version 3.6.1 from version 3.6.0(12-2012):
-Corrects a problem in certain environments storing and retrieving configurations.

Changes in the N2KServer version 3.6.0 from version 3.5.0(11-2012):
-Handle background files as part of the N2KView configuration. N2KView configurations are now stored in directories along with all required background image files. This enables easily transferring configurations with background images among PC's and dedicated displays, and also enables transferring background images to iOS and Android versions of N2KView version 3.6.0 and above.
-Stability Improvements.

Changes in the N2KServer version 3.5.0 from version 3.4.2(11-2012):
-Added support for the upcoming VDR100 Vessel Data Recorder
-Corrected an issue where N2KServer could sometimes use all CPU time if USB100 was repeatedly connected and disconnected from the NMEA 2000 network
-Changed default N2KView instance numbers to prevent possible conflicts in systems with both PC-based N2KServers and IPG100-based N2KServers installed
-Corrected an issue where an error message regarding the program “pnputil.exe” was displayed during installation
-Improved error reporting to Windows event log
-Corrected an issue in the “Request and Install Additional Client Licenses” tool where the tool reported that an update (.upt2) file was correctly installed but no change was made to the hardware license key

Changes in N2KServer ® version 3.0.3 from version 3.0.0(8-2012):

- USB100 Drivers updated to version for better stability. The installation routine should update the drivers on the PC without additional effort required on the part of the user.

- Support added for new gray hardware license keys (dongles) which can support the N2KServer function on a Windows PC and also on the upcoming IPG100 Internet Protocol Gateway. The new dongles can be distinguished from the old dongles by the Maretron logo etched into the metal case on the new dongles. N2KServer will continue to support both the old-style and new-style dongles, but the new-style dongles will be required for use with the upcoming IPG100 Internet Protocol Gateway. If a customer has an old dongle and wishes the use the IPG100 Internet Protocol Gateway, Maretron will exchange the old dongle for a new dongle. If a customer has an old dongle and is not planning to purchase an IPG100, there is no need to exchange the old dongle for a new one.

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