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How do I display a SIM100 channel on the Maretron DSM250?

  You display a SIM100 channel using the DSM250 in the following way. Enter menu mode, scroll to "Favorite Screen Setup…" and press enter. Scroll to the favorite screen where you would like to view the indicator channel*.* and press enter. Scroll to data and press enter. Scroll to "Indicator " and press enter twice. Press enter again to select the type "Single, two, three, four, and 2x2 indicator light and press enter. Press enter again for "Instance" scroll to the appropriate instance # you wish to display and press enter. The default setting for an indicator light off= gray, on=green, and error=red. You may edit these colors by pressing enter under each category. Next, scroll to "Title?" and press enter. Scroll to the appropriate title you may choose from: default, custom, or the channel label. (Note: if a label was created for the channel you are attempting to display, the label would be visible in brackets under the title menu for that instance number. If a label was created but is not visible at this stage then your configuration is invalid. You may need to repeat your channel setup prior to completing a favorite screen.) Press the back key three times to exit menu mode and return to the normal viewing mode. Scroll through your screens to the Favorite Screen you selected for indicator status.

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