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The WSO100 wind speed and direction seem to change too quickly; can I slow the changes down or dampen the rate at which wind speed and direction are displayed?

You set the WSO100 wind damping period using Maretron's DSM150 or DSM250 display in the following way:

  1. Enter menu mode, scroll to "Configuration…" and press < Enter >
  2. Scroll to "Device Configuration…" and press < Enter >
  3. Scroll to the row containing the WSO100 and press < Enter >
  4. Scroll to "Wind Data Damping Period:" and press < Enter >
  5. Set the damping period lower to see very quick changes in wind speed and direction or set the period higher to smooth out wind readings. The damping period is actually a moving average filter so you must be careful not to set the period to high because this introduces latency or delay in the reported wind speed and direction.
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