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Why I can’t find a RAA100 rudder angle for display on Maretron’s DSM150, DSM200, or DSM250?

In order to keep the number of Maretron DSM150, DSM200, and DSM250 display menu items to a minimum (there is a possibility of more than 250 batteries, more than 250 engines, more than 250 rudders, etc.), the displays default to only a single rudder. If you don't see the rudder you are looking for, then:

  • Enter menu mode, scroll to to "Configuration..." and press < Enter>
  • Scroll to "Data Enable/Disable..." and press < Enter>
  • Scroll to "Rudder" and press < Enter >
  • Scroll to the desired rudder number and press < Enter >
  • Scroll to "On" and press < Enter>
  • Press the < Back > key four times to exit menu mode and return to the normal viewing mode
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