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What information does the J2K100 provide over the NMEA 2000 network?

As long as the engine or generator is providing the appropriate information via the J1939 interface, the J2K100 is capable of producing the following NMEA 2000 information:

  • engine speed (tachometer)
  • engine boost pressure
  • engine oil pressure
  • engine oil temperature
  • engine coolant temperature
  • engine alternator potential
  • engine fuel rate
  • engine hours
  • engine coolant pressure
  • engine fuel pressure
  • engine percent load
  • engine percent torque
  • engine rated speed
  • engine VIN
  • engine software ID
  • transmission gear
  • transmission oil pressure
  • transmission oil temperature
  • generator average line-line AC RMS voltage
  • generator average line-neutral AC RMS voltage
  • generator average AC frequency
  • generator average AC RMS current
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