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What firmware changes have taken place on the Maretron DSM150?
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Apr 16, 2014

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- DSM150 firmware versions: (2014-04-15)

-Added the ability to display SMS status and signal strength on favorite screens.
-Added the ability to create an alert when the SMS100 is not transmitting on the NMEA 2000 network.
-Added the ability to display engine and transmission warnings in a format similar to the Indicator Status component.
-Changed to automatically enable the Anchor Watch Alert whenever the anchor watch position is set.
-On the FFM100 configuration menus, changed so that the fuel flow sensor K-factors can be entered with the full precision found on the sensor labels (requires FFM100 F/W or later).
-Added the ability to test alerts in the Alert menus.
-Added the “Numeric/Precision” data type to most displayable data to allow higher resolution display of data values when desired.
-Added the ability to create alerts based on switch counter and timer values.
-Added the ability to reset Airmar depth/speed/temperature transducers to factory default settings.
-The DSM250 device instance and the alert source instance (used to identify the display generating a global alert) have been combined into a single parameter.
-Changed the dew point to display a dash (“-“) if humidity is not available or measures 0%.
-Added SMS100 data to the demo mode.
-Minor changes to language used on the displays.
-Changed DC Voltage Line Graph fixed (manual) scale settings to allow finer resolution to be specified.
-Removed the label setting in the USB100 configuration menu since the USB100 does not support labels.
-Corrected a problem where the DSM250 would reset if, while the unit was in control mode, the power button were pressed and held for a long time.
-Corrected a problem where burnt out bulb alerts sometimes did not work correctly.
-Corrected a problem in the TLA100 configuration menus where the tank capacity change confirmation screen was shown incorrectly.
-Corrected a problem in the RAA100 configuration menu where the gauge resistance values could be viewed and changed even if the operating mode specified that no gauge was being used.
-Corrected a problem where the bar graph title could overlay the bar graph on certain screen sizes.
-Corrected a problem where manual variation was not always displayed correctly on the SSC200 configuration menus.
-Corrected a problem where the line graph title overlaid a portion of the line graph for certain screen sizes.
-Corrected a problem saving files from the DSM250 Emulator
-Corrected a problem with configuring device selection on USB100 devices in which the display exits the menu when you attempt to scroll the device list. (2013-08-29)

- Supports configuration of the J2K100 to periodically request the 65266 Engine Hours parameter group from the monitored engine over the J1939 network. This allows Engine Hours information to be seen on NMEA 2000 displays for engines which require their Engine Hours to be requested.
- Corrected a problem where some versions of the SMS100 could not be configured.
- Corrected a problem where sunrise and sunset times were incorrectly calculated.
-Supports display and reset of hardware timers and counters in DCR100, RIM100, and SIM100
-Uses any available SMS100's on the network if there initially are multiple units on the network and one is later removed
-Supports display of the 130316 Temperature, Extended Range parameter group
-DC->Battery Time Remaining will display "Infinite" if the battery is being charge or is not providing any current to its load
-Supports reset of the Total kW Hours parameter transmitted by the ACM100
-Updated the supported NMEA 2000 database version to 2.000
- Supports sending text messages on alerts via SMS100 SMS (Text) Module
- Supports configuration and displaying status of SMS100 SMS (Text) Module


- Supports configuration of VDR100 LAN connectivity which will be available in an upcoming release of VDR100 firmware.
- Fixed a problem configuring custom titles on favorite screens where a custom title on one favorite screen could be inadvertently overwritten when a custom title was defined for a different favorite screen.
- Removed 127502 Binary Switch Control from received PGN list since it is not used by the display.

- (2013-01)
- initial product release

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