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How do I determine if the J2K100 is compatible with my Caterpillar engines?
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Dec 12, 2013

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Caterpillar engines are confirmed to have J1939 available on production years 2000 and up. Previous engines may or may not have J1939 available, therefore the installer must do a visual assessment of the existing engine installation.  There are several ways to determine if your Caterpillar engine is equipped with J1939.
If you have determined that your CATERPILLAR engine is ready for  integration refer to the attachment section of this article.
The "CATDirect Connect.pdf" has a list of necessary parts you can order anywhere Maretron is sold. The system is designed for a 30 meter 82 foot network run. 

This helm has J1939:

Connect using Maretron  part: MCF-2M-D12CAT

This Caterpillar engine has J1939 on pins G & H or C & D(refer to pin-out guide below).

This Helm has no J1939:

This Caterpillar diagnostic plug has no J1939:

Note: Pins "G" and "H" have no wires installed.

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