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Word Description
rate gyro A special kind of gyroscope that measures rotation rate around a fixed axis.
relative bearing Bearing relative to heading or to the vessel.
relative wind The speed and relative direction to from which the wind appears to blow with reference to a moving point (also called Apparent Wind).
repeatability The maximum variation between repeated measurements under the same conditions.
resolution The smallest change that a sensor can measure.
rhumb line A line on the surface of the earth making the same oblique angle with all meridians. A rhumb line is a straight line on a rhumb (or Mercator) direction.
rhumb lirection The horizontal direction of a rhumb line, expressed as angular distance from a reference direction. Also known as Mercator direction (see Mercator Map Projection).
RMA sentence Recommended Minimum Acceptable Sentence, a composite sentence recommended by the NMEA 0183 standard to insure interoperability between talkers and listeners and to insure that all data considered necessary for navigation is sent by a particular navigation unit.
rode The anchor line and/or chain.
roll Rotation around the X-Axis. In a vessel, roll is rotation about the axis defined by the vessels fore-and-aft center line.
rope In general, cordage as it is purchased at the store. When it comes aboard a vessel and is put to use it becomes line.
route A planned course of travel, usually composed of more than one navigation leg.
route system Any system of one or more routes and/or routing measures aimed at reducing the risk of casualties during a voyage which may include such items as traffic separation schemes, recommended tracks, restricted areas, inshore traffic zones, etc.
RS-232 interface Standard serial interface for PC-type computers.
rudder A vertical plate or board for steering a boat.
run To allow a line to feed freely.
running sights Lights required to be shown on boats underway between sundown and sunup.

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