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Word Description
hard chine An abrupt intersection between the hull side and the hull bottom of a boat so constructed.
hatch An opening in a boat's deck fitted with a watertight cover.
HDOP Horizontal Dilution of Precision. Similar to GDOP, except elevation factors are ignored.
head A marine toilet. Also the upper corner of a triangular sail.
heading The horizontal direction in which a ship actually points or heads at any instant, expressed in angular units from a reference direction, usually from 000° at the reference direction clockwise through 359°. (see True Heading and Magnetic Heading).
heading-to-steer The difference between the bearing to destination (from present position) and track-made-good, applied to the bearing to the destination.
headway The forward motion of a boat. Opposite of sternway.
helm The wheel or tiller controlling the rudder.
helmsperson The person who steers the boat.
hitch A knot used to secure a rope to another object or to another rope, or to form a loop or a noose in a rope.
hold A compartment below deck in a large vessel, used solely for carrying cargo.
horizontal dilution of precision (HDOP) Similar to GDOP, except elevation factors are ignored.
hull The main body of a vessel.

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