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  1. questionDoes Maretron N2K cabling have a fire resistant specification?
    Maretron cabling has the following fire resistant specifications: NEC PLTC (E) Type PLTC. Type PLTC nonmetallic-sheathed, power-limited tray cable shall be listed as being suitable for cable trays and shall consist of a factory assembly of two or more insulated conductors under a nonmet ...

  2. questionI have an Onan generator with a power rating between 4-32kW, what Maretron adapter cable should I order to connect the generator to the J2K100?
    The Maretron adapter cable MCF-2M-D12 (J2K100 adapter Micro female to Deutsche 12 Pin 2 Meter Cordset) connects an Onan generator with a power rating of 4-32kW to the J2K100.

  3. questionDoes Maretron offer any recommendations for securing NMEA2000 cabling?
    Maretron cabling has been designed to withstand harsh environments during operation. Securing the cabling properly is very important to ensure long term functionality and use. Illustration 1 provides a best practices of securing cable.

  4. questionHow do I check the health of my N2K cabling before powering my network?
    Maretron recommends using an N2KMeter to diagnose the health of a network if you do not have an N2KMeter. The pin assignments for NMEA 2000 are the following: Pin 1: Shield (Bare) Pin 2: NET_C (+12VDC, Red) Pin 3: NET_S (Ground, Black) Pin 4: NET_H (CAN High, White) Pin 5: NET_L (CAN Low, Blue ...

  5. questionWhat is Maretron's product RMA procedure?
    What is RMA? RMA (Return Material Authorization) is required to return any product to Maretron for any reason. An RMA doesn’t commit to any specific final action on Maretron’s part; it simply starts a process of evaluation. Purposes of evaluation include: diagnosis of product to de ...

  6. questionDoes Maretron have a interface cable for Caterpillar engine networks to the J2K100 device?
    The MCF-2M-D12CAT cable is used to interface a J2K100 to a CAT marine power display. It is recommended that the MCF-2M-D12CAT cable should connect to one of two ports on the CAT display. The ideal connection should be the occupied twelve pin connector. (Note: some CAT marine power displays have ...

  7. questionCan I change the direction the elbow points for a 90 degree field attachable connector?
    Yes, you can change the direction the elbow points for a 90 degree field attachable connector. When you assemble the field attachable connector, you can adjust the direction in which the elbow points by rotating the insert into one of four positions.

  8. questionWhat are the weights and dimensions of Maretron products?

  9. questionShould I use double ended cordsets or should I build my own cables using bulk cable and field attachable connectors?
    If possible, you should consider using over molded double ended cordsets since they are less expensive and they tend to be more reliable than cables made using bulk cable and field attachable connectors. Unfortunately, over molded double ended cordsets only come in a limited number of lengths, s ...

  10. questionWhat is a backbone or trunk line?
    The backbone, or trunk line, is the main network line usually running stem to stern in the vessel. Each end of the backbone or trunk line has a termination resistor. Individual products are connected to the network using drop lines off the main backbone or trunk line. "Tees" are used to connect ...

  11. questionHow do I know how much current an NMEA 2000 product will draw from the network?
    Manufacturers of NMEA 2000 equipment are required to disclose the amount of current drawn from the NMEA 2000 network. The amount of current used from the network is expressed as a Load Equivalence Number (LEN) where each LEN is equal to 50mA. For example, a device that draws 0.5 amperes from the ...

  12. questionWhat is a Load Equivalance Number (LEN)?
    A Load Equivalence Number or LEN is a whole number used to express the amount of current that is drawn from an NMEA 2000 network. One LEN is equal to 50mA. If a device draws 151mA of current from the network, then its LEN is 4. Note that the LEN is always roundedup to the next whole number.

  13. questionWhat is the maximum current that a single device may draw from an NMEA 2000 network?
    The maximum allowable current that a device is allowed to draw from the NMEA 2000 network is 1 ampere. Devices requiring more than 1 ampere of current use a separate power supply connection, which is required to be isolated from the NMEA 2000 power supply (this prevents any possibility of ground ...

  14. questionWhat is a powertap?
    Every NMEA 2000 network requires a power source, which is usually supplied by a powertap. The powertap is used to energize the 12 volt power and ground wires found within the NMEA 2000 cable.

  15. questionHow many wires are there in an NMEA 2000 cable?
    An NMEA 2000 cable contains five wires, two for 12 volt power and ground, two for the data pair, and one shield wire.

  16. questionDoes Maretron make a waterproof USB cable for connecting the USB100 to a computer?
    No, Maretron does not make a waterproof USB cable for connection between the USB100 and a computer. However, a waterproof cable can be built using the following parts, which can be ordered from A-KAB-USBB-MS-1M-R A-USBPA-R A-USBPA-HOOD-R

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