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Please download N2KView Android directly from the Android Market. From your Android device, open the "Market" App and search for "N2KView". Your Android device must be running the Froyo version of the Android Operating System (Android version 2.2) to be able to run N2KView. If you are running a previous version of the Android Operating System, then the app will not be visible in the Market.

Now Maretron's N2KView® Mobile software allows you to monitor and control your vessel's system from your Android phone or pad. From anywhere you can get an Internet connection on your device you can see what is happening on your boat, and have the same level of control as from your laptop.

Compatible Devices N2KView® Mobile requires your Android device to be running Android version 2.2 or later on a processor that conforms to the ARMv7-A (or better) specification. If your Android device does not meet these specifications, then the N2KView® app will not be visible when browsing the Android Market from your device.

Limitations Because you do not run N2KView® continuously on the Android, the following N2KView® features are not available on the Android version. Graphs, tracking of Min / Max on gauges, and Alert Generation. However, Alerts generated by another station of N2KView® or a DSM250 can be received, displayed and sound the speaker while the program is running on the Android device. Alerts may also be accepted and cleared. And you can set up your Alerts to send an SMS, which can be received when the Android application is not running.

Configuration What makes N2KView® different from its competitors is the configuration of the screens. The user has complete control of the number of screens, the layout of each screen, and the size and type of each control. You customize each display exactly the way you want it. The Android version is no different in it's versatility. You use N2KView® on the computer to design the screens you want, and then download through N2KServer® to the device.

Licensing N2KView® may be downloaded directly from the Android Market to your Android device at no cost. When you try to connect to your N2KServer®, it will request a license from the server (either Basic or Platinum) in exactly the same way as any other N2KView station. If you already have a second license for home use, then use this license on your Android device when your home computer is switched off.

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Here are some examples of the screens that you can create.