This privacy statement explains what information is collected from visitors when they visit the Maretron web site, and how Maretron uses that information.

When a visitor views, automated tools log information about the viewing session, which helps us to understand what web pages are visited frequently, and what pages are not often visited. This allows us to direct maintenance and improvements to pages that are most heavily used. None of the collected information identifies users personally; in fact, all users remain anonymous.

Information collected during a viewing session includes:
1) The Internet domain and assigned IP address of the computer used for browsing,
2) The browser and operating system that was used to access the site,
3) The date and time that the site was accessed,
4) Which pages were viewed, and the path taken through the web site.

Maretron only collects personal information when it is offered to us voluntarily, either through the web site or over the phone. This personal information is never shared with any third party.