DST110 Example - Basic System

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Maretron’s depth/speed/temperature transducer (DST110) is used to measure water depth, speed through water (STW), and sea temperature. In addition the DST110 calculates and transmits the trip distance traveled and the total boat distance traveled similar to the odometer on a car.

The following table shows the products included within this example system plus a list of the information or data available for display.

Product Description Available Data List
DSM410 Display Displays data in this list, monitors the data and sounds an internal buzzer if there is a problem
DST110 Depth/Speed/Water Temp Measures water depth, speed through water, sea temperature, trip log and cumulative log

The following screenshots (click to enlarge) are examples of how monitored data can be displayed on the DSM410.

Depth Digital

Depth Graph

Sea Temperature Digital

STW Digital

STW Gauge

Trip Log and Total Log