TLM100 Example - Basic System

MSRP $1,107.20

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This basic tank monitoring system monitors a single gasoline tank using Maretron’s 4.1” color display and a Tank Level Monitor. The system can be calibrated for odd shaped tanks so you get precision tank level information. And since the tank capacity is programmable, you can see exactly how many gallons remain in the tank. You can even combine different tanks into a single gauge or display to total the fuel in your tanks, eliminating the need to continually perform mental calculations. The TLM150 senses the level of the fluid in the tank using ultrasonic technology eliminiating the need for probes into the tank, which often foul or corrode.

The following table shows the products included within this example system plus a list of the information or data available for display.

Product Description Available Data List
DSM410 Display Displays data in this list, monitors the data and sounds an internal buzzer if there is a problem
TLM150 Tank Level Monitor Monitors Tank Level

The following screenshots (click to enlarge) are examples of how monitored data can be displayed on the DSM410.

Fuel Gauge

Fuel Gauges

Fuel Remaining Total and Tanks

Total Fuel Gauge