Security Monitoring - Basic System

MSRP $1,604.30

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This system provides basic security information including a motion detector and a door/hatch switch. The display (DSM410) monitors the switch indicator (SIM100) and whenever motion is detected or a door/hatch is opened then the display shows a red indicator and the alarm buzzer (ALM100) is sounded to notify everyone onboard and to scare off intruders. If the power to the motion detector is turned off or if the wires to the motion detector or door switch are compromised, then the display shows a yellow indicator to let you know that there is a problem and a particular sensor isn’t working. The color scheme is configurable so you can pick a scheme that works best for you.

The following table shows the products included within this example system plus a list of the information or data available for display.

Product Description Available Data List
DSM410 Helm Pod Display 3.5” displays shows data in this list, monitors the data and sounds an internal buzzer if there is a problem
SIM100 Switch Indicator Module Monitors switch closures like motion and magnetic door sensors
ALM100 Alarm Buzzer Sounds a loud buzzer when any monitored data in this list goes outside programmed limit

The following screenshots (click to enlarge) are examples of how the bilge status can be displayed on the DSM410. You set the colors to your liking.

All Security Points Armed (Black) and Ready

All Security Points Armed (Green) and Ready

All Security Points Armed (White) and Ready

Salon Door Wires Cut or Disconnected (Yellow)

Salon Motion Detected (Red) Door Closed (Black)

Salon Motion Not Powered or Wires Cut (Yellow)

Salon No Motion (Green) Door Open (Red)

Salon No Motion (White) Door Open (Red)

  • Salon Motion Detector
  • Salon Door Opened
  • Salon Motion Detector Problem (No Power or Wires cut)
  • Salon Door Sensor Problem (No Power or Disconnected)